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@Glime can i use flytectl to schedule a launchplan?
Yes, you can use
to schedule a launch plan. The process involves defining the launch plan in your code with a schedule, such as a cron schedule, and then using
to activate or update the launch plan to make the schedule active. For example, you can define a launch plan with a cron schedule in your code as shown in the Flyte documentation and examples. Once the launch plan is defined and registered with Flyte, you can use the
flytectl update launchplan
command to activate it. The command to activate a launch plan would look something like this:
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flytectl update launchplan -p [your_project] -d [your_domain] [name_of_launch_plan] --activate
If you encounter an error stating that the launch plan version wasn't passed, it means you need to specify the version of the workflow that the launch plan is associated with. Additionally, there has been discussion and feature requests around making the command for activating and deactivating launch plans more intuitive, such as introducing
flags to make the state of the launch plan clearer.