Follow up question (sorry for the spam): I got the...
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Follow up question (sorry for the spam): I got the sandbox to work, but the hello world task from flytesnacks fails.
Can you do
kubectl describe pod
? Have you built the image for arm?
@Yuvraj we should probably publish multi-arch images in flytesnacks (and all repos)... Mind filling an issue for Jan for that?
Yes i can, But i need help in testing, @Avshalom Manevich Are you around for help in testing.
@Haytham Abuelfutuh i will create a separate issue for that
@Ketan (kumare3) Hey, sorry for disappearing, had to go. See what I wrote you in another post. I'll do some more tests next week (probably only towards Wednesday). Also plan to attend office hours
Thanks for your support!±
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