our flyte-sandbox container often crashes when usi...
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our flyte-sandbox container often crashes when using multiple heavy containers. The hardware for the sandbox is a fairly powerful node with enough RAM and CPU resources. Any pointers on debuging this will be really helpful!
Did you change the docker daemon to have more cpu / mem
Cc @jeev
@Aswanth Krishnan currently the minimum requirements for the Docker daemon are 4CPUs and 3GB RAM https://docs.flyte.org/projects/cookbook/en/latest/index.html#running-workflows-in-a-flyte-cluster Please let us know if this answers your question
the docker daemon resources is a mac thing because of the virtualization i believe. is this running on linux?
ah this might be because of the resources:
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        memory: 1Gi
        cpu: "1"
        memory: 1Gi
@Aswanth Krishnan this will need a fix in the chart and sandbox configuration. i think we should just drop the resource limits entirely. in the meantime, you can try manually editing the deployment to see if that helps you.
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kubectl edit deploy flyte-sandbox -n flyte
I am running on a Linux server with 88 cores and ~800 GB RAM. I have not yet played around with resource limits. @jeev thanks for your help. I will try this out and let you know if it helps!
@Yee: cc
we can push out a fix for this in the next release
@Aswanth Krishnan: 1.4.0 release should fix this.