Hi Flyte community, The JFlyte registry has not b...
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Hi Flyte community, The JFlyte registry has not been updated since 0.3.6 (current version is 0.4.5): https://github.com/flyteorg/flytekit-java/pkgs/container/flytekit-java Are users currently building/pushing the images in their own private repository (or are the latest images stored in a different registry)?
@Nelson Arapé do you know if there’s someone that can help with this?
cc @honnix and others.
@Jimmy Du folks in spotify run the show for jflyte, they are mostly in sweden, so might be slower to respond
Cc @honnix / @Babis Kiosidis
Hey there. Taking a look.
It looks like we've made a mistake in one of our PRs, we'll address this and let you folks know.
cc @Guillaume Perchais
Hi @Jimmy Du you should be able to pull 0.4.5 now 🙂
Working on also releasing a v0.3 version (waiting for builds to finish).
And now you should also have v0.3.31 thanks for letting us know!
Thank you!!
Thanks for taking care of this Rafael, I had an open PR about it that completely slipped my mind