Is it possible to cancel/terminate individual task...
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Is it possible to cancel/terminate individual tasks in a workflow somehow?
no… like a poison pill of sorts? when it kicks off, it automatically fails?
No, more like the terminate for a workflow, but for an individual task in a workflow instead of all tasks in the workflow.
Or is this just missing in the console UI?
@Felix Ruess, could you let us know your use case with regard to terminating a task in a workflow?
My colleague asked if he could do that. He noticed that he made an error in one of his configs, which affected that task and he wanted to stop it, fix the config and relaunch the task. But without stopping the other long running tasks in the workflow that were already started.
I'm afraid that isn't possible. How about you checkpoint data during task execution?
Checkpointing would currently be hard to do for our synthetic data generation which completely runs in Blender. None of those tasks are python tasks.
So this is currently not possible, but it was just not done or is there some reason why this would be difficult to add?
@Eduardo Apolinario (eapolinario), what do you think of allowing users to terminate a task within a workflow?
@Yee /@Eduardo Apolinario (eapolinario) revisit please!