Hey flyte community I have a question about pod ta...
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Hey flyte community I have a question about pod tasks. If i want to add node_selector to a pod is it as simple as this?
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            node_selector={'node_group': 'memory'},
Im a little lost looking at this, is the suggestion here to simply be able to add basic k8s pods elements to the task? While im going through this the convoluted solution that i may have working to simply add a node_selector really makes me question all of this.
You can also add podTemplate to propeller config map, then propeller will merge this template to task’s podTemplate. https://docs.flyte.org/en/latest/deployment/cluster_config/general.html#using-default-k8s-podtemplates
However, all the task may have same node selector
I already use the default node selector i need to just change it for a workflow
the default worked fine
But thank you very much for the idea
hey @Louis DiNatale apologies for all the confusion - do you have time to hop on a quick call?
cc @Dan Rammer (hamersaw) if you’re still around or back from your run