I was wondering if Auth is required to register wo...
# flyte-deployment
I was wondering if Auth is required to register workflows? I have a Flyte deployment without Auth and I am trying to create a project and register a workflow without any Auth. Should I be able to do that? Right now I see this Network Error on project dashboard which makes me wonder if my deployment has an issue:
shouldn't be the case if you don't have auth enabled for your admin deployment
do you have any workflows registered? any historic executions? this could very well be us handling no data poorly
Not yet, I was able to create multiple projects through flytectl, but I have an issue with S3 permission for registring flyte workflows which I am dealing with.
cc @Jason Porter how do we handle no executions in the console currently? is this expected?
Yeah that is definitely an auth issue; when we have no executions we just show an empty list with "No executions found"