Good morning! I've been diving in the documentatio...
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Good morning! I've been diving in the documentation, and also searching here. Still, have some questions regarding the Flyte framework/tools: • Is it possible to set post-processing steps after error recovery? • is it possible to search in workflow logs? • is there the possibility of restricting workflow operations for certain users/groups? • any planned integration with Clickhouse? or is it possible to do it currently? • are there any options for official paid support? also, please, if you have any experiences about any of these points, I'd be glad to hear about it. Thanks
cc: @Ketan (kumare3)
Hi @Liliana Mamani Sanchez welcome to the community. Firstly we try to keep open source and commercial stuff separate offers a commercial version Cc @Shalabh Chaudhri We can dm and talk Now to answer questions 1. There is infact error recovery cleanup support. Flytekit today does not expose this, it is planned for q1 2023. 2. You cannot search in Flyte. But you can send logs to your preferred logging system and Flyte can link to it. 3. Not planned for Flyte yet. But sso is oob 4. You can integrate with clickhouse. Flytekit integration should be trivial. Some work that will super simplify writing backend plugins is also planned soon. Rfc will be out next week
Thanks a mil for the answers @Ketan (kumare3)