# hacktoberfest-2022

Ryan Nazareth

10/27/2022, 10:50 PM
@FlyteCoreTeam Having another issue when running one of the tasks for the nlp PR. on demo cluster with custom built image I am getting this error for some of the downstream tasks which take the serialised flytefile (
) as input:
Pod failed. No message received from kubernetes.
[fb8f63b27ec284bbfbc8-n3-0] terminated with exit code (137). Reason [Error]. Message:
`tar: Removing leading
/' from member names
See screenshot below. The error seems like its trying to extract something from tar archive but Im not doing this anywhere in my task logic ? Also, think someone else has reported this error as well

Eduardo Apolinario (eapolinario)

10/27/2022, 11:28 PM
Error 137 usually means OOM. Can you bump the resources in that task?

Ryan Nazareth

10/28/2022, 3:22 AM
@Eduardo Apolinario (eapolinario) thanks a lot, that fixed it ! i bumped the resource mem from 200 to 600Mi 👍

Niels Bantilan

10/28/2022, 1:32 PM
I wonder if we can collect these kinds of errors, would be great if we can figure out how to make these k8s-level errors a little more actionable, like suggesting to bump resources of the task.