I’m trying to call a reference task in a dynamic a...
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I’m trying to call a reference task in a dynamic and am getting the following. I also have a workflow that calls a reference task (this workflow works fine). If I try to call this workflow inside a dynamic, I also get the same error. I’ve also tried making the workflow a LaunchPlan to be called inside the dynamic, but also get this error. Is this not possible/supported at the moment? If not, do you have any advice/workarounds?
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Reference tasks are currently unsupported within dynamic tasks
Simpler Summary: Reference task inside a workflow works. If you try to call a reference task inside a dynamic, it does not work. If you make the workflow a LaunchPlan and try to call that inside a dynamic, it also does not work
Ya today we don’t allow remote references in dynamic tasks
This will need to be b added as a feature
Are there any workarounds or not currently
You want to dynamically launch ref tasks and workflows
If so we don’t have it today
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There is an issue please upvote and contribute
sounds good, thank you!
Flyteremote can be used I think
Is there any update on this issue?Can anyone please share the link to the issue ticket?