Hi folks.. I was trying to run a simple workflow o...
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Hi folks.. I was trying to run a simple workflow on a remote cluster by following the instructions here but I'm running into an error
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flytectl config init --host={SOME_HOSTNAME}:30080 --storage
Error: unknown flag: --storage
ERRO[0000] unknown flag: --storage
what are you trying to configure with the storage flag?
there's a bunch of nested storage options you can set `flytectl config init --help`but not a top level one
I was trying to follow the steps in order to deploy my workflow to a remote cluster
and was following the instructions on that page. Yes I did notice the nested ones but wasn't sure which one or whether something is required at all
sorry I can't ctrl-f where in the instructions it has the storage flag 😬 can you share a screenshot of what you're seeing if you don't mind?
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can you try just running without the flag? cc @Smriti Satyan @Samhita Alla these docs seem stale 😕
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hey @Rupsha Chaudhuri were you able to start your workflow on the remote cluster? anything i can do to help?
i haven't tried it again.. I'll give it a shot