Hi, may I ask a question here? Is there a way to g...
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Hi, may I ask a question here? Is there a way to get private docker image from Docker registry to register task? I wonder how to login docker registry in flyte to download private image.
this isn’t documented well sadly… or at all 😞
cc @Marc Paquette
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but basically the way these work on k8s is via imagepull secrets right?
so these are created outside of flyte iirc (i’ll confirm this later). once they are created the way they are used by flyte is through the service account. so when you launch your flyte tasks and workflows, you always specify a service account (and possibly also an iam role but that’s irrelevant).
if you don’t specify one, then if a pod or any other K8s resources is run on the cluster, then you get the
service account
k8s service accounts can be tagged with an imagepullsecret
you can do this yourself…
or you can rely on the Flyte admin cluster cron job. this is a deployment that will go through and update settings on your linked k8s clusters.
that process, reads in a series of templates, that can look like this.
and when we say series of templates - this here has some more examples.
the command that is run that applies all these yaml templates to the known clusters is here.
@Yee Thank you for your kind reply..! I will try the solutions you suggested.
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cc @Marc Paquette can we document this one?
cc @Alekhya
Sure Ketan. Will document it.