Hello Flyte team, Ive updated and added a few PRs ...
# hacktoberfest-2022
Hello Flyte team, Ive updated and added a few PRs https://github.com/flyteorg/flytekit/pull/1240 https://github.com/flyteorg/flytekit/pull/1230 and had an initial go at adding an NLP tutorial but not sure why some of the tests are failing https://github.com/flyteorg/flytesnacks/pull/911/files
also silly question - are the requirements.txt file in plugins auto generated or do you manually adapt the libraries required for the plugin based off another plugin template ?
Thank you, @Ryan Nazareth! Will review the PRs shortly. You need to manually update the requirements the first time. We do have a bot that creates PRs to update the requirements.txt file in case a new library version is released.
It would be great to get 1240 expedited as there are a number of other Tensorflow and Keras related issues for Hacktoberfest and this PR will make some of the others a bit easier by providing a working example.
ah, Ive just noticed a number of other tensorflow active PRs - ive tried to mimic the changes to the requirements to avoid conflicts with those PRs - also there is this thread regarding some issues re:
conflict when compiling the
as discussed in this thread https://flyte-org.slack.com/archives/CREL4QVAQ/p1666465285739049?thread_ts=1666352042.013879&amp;cid=CREL4QVAQ