Hi! I’d like to ask about domains and what is the ...
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Hi! I’d like to ask about domains and what is the suggested way of using them. We have multiple AWS accounts for development staging production etc. I see that the default domain names are also for different environments. Is it suggested to use multiple k8s clusters with data planes and control planes? Or using multiple k8s clusters only suggested for handling heavy workloads? Arte there any other benefit of having multiple dataplanes integrating with control plane over isolated multiple environments?
Hi, @Mücahit! Multiple K8s clusters are helpful when the compute doesn’t fit well in a single K8s cluster. So yea, it’s to handle heavy workloads. @Ketan (kumare3), would like to know your thoughts.
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It's also isolation of failure domains. Also since Flyte is designed for bursty loads, you can improve qos guarantees for certain tenants / teams by isolating onto a different cluster