The installation process for `flytectl` has not be...
# contribute
The installation process for
has not been updated to the new location in the monorepo (docs on how to install it) still points to the install script from the flytectl repo instead of We don't know a place to update this in a PR, thus hoping to find the right person here.
Cc @Eduardo Apolinario (eapolinario)
@Dennis Keck, I just ran the last batch of tests and updated the url to point to the monorepo.
Notice that in order to filter out unwanted releases we require
(which shouldn't be too much of a problem, but wanted to flag anyway)
Thanks :) Good point, could be highlighted in the instructions, though I guess many people will have that anyway installed
it'll fail pretty loudly, but good point, I'm going to amend the instructions. is going to add the warning to the docs.
Did you catch that the flytectl tags are also confusing pip in flytekit for ?
@Ethan Brown, this was fixed by Are you still seeing this error?
Looking at your PR code I'm not sure that will resolve the issue -- I think pip will look at all the tags in the Flyte repo when trying to figure out the version tag that is closest to "master". Pip has strict rules around how that that tag is formatted and the flytectl tags in the Flyte repo don't match. I can try when I get back to my machine, but you only see this failure when there's a flytectl tag closer to the head of master than the normal Flyte semver tags.
That PR is filtering out all tags and only leaving the ones that have the prefix
. I just tested this locally on pip 24.0 and it works as expected. Maybe it doesn't work with older versions? Please, let me know, ok?