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Broder Peters

02/21/2024, 9:43 AM
@Glime my scheduled workflows are not picking up the schedule automatically after server restart. Where should I check for what is wrong?


02/21/2024, 9:43 AM
To troubleshoot your issue with scheduled workflows not picking up the schedule automatically after a server restart, you should consider the following steps based on the context provided: 1. ​*Check for any errors in the scheduler pod logs*​: As mentioned in one of the discussions, there could be errors related to the scheduler not being able to fire the schedule due to missing inputs or other reasons. Look for any error messages that might indicate what's going wrong. For example, an error message like
rpc error: code = InvalidArgument desc = missing key in inputs
could provide a clue. (source: 2. ​*Verify the status of the schedules in the Flyte console*​: Ensure that the schedules are active. If they are not, you might need to reactivate them using the Flyte CLI. For example, you can activate a launch plan with a specific version using a command similar to
flytectl update launchplan -p flyteexamples -d development my_cron_scheduled_lp --version v1 --activate
. (source: 3. ​*Check for any recent changes or issues with the Flyte scheduler*​: Look for any known issues or recent changes that might affect scheduling. For instance, there could be bugs affecting the scheduler's behavior or specific conditions under which the scheduler fails to pick up schedules. (source:, 4. ​*Ensure that the Flyte system components are correctly configured and running*​: Problems with the Flyte scheduler could also stem from misconfigurations or issues with other system components. Make sure that all components, including the admin and propeller services, are running as expected. (source: 5. ​*Review the launch plans and their configurations*​: Double-check the configurations of your launch plans, especially those related to scheduling. Ensure that there are no issues with the cron expressions or other schedule-related settings. (source: If after checking these areas you still face issues, consider reaching out to the Flyte community for more specific guidance or to report a potential bug. --- This is an AI-generated response, take its recommendations with caution. Please help us improve the model accuracy by giving this response a thumbs up/thumbs down reaction. Sources 👍 button 👎 button