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Yicheng Lu

02/18/2024, 4:20 AM
@Glime Where can I find all versions of Flyteidl?


02/18/2024, 4:20 AM
You can find all versions of FlyteIDL on the Conda-Forge channel. To list all the versions of FlyteIDL available on your platform, you can use the following commands: ā€¢ If you are using Conda:
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conda search flyteidl --channel conda-forge
ā€¢ If you prefer Mamba:
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mamba search flyteidl --channel conda-forge
Additionally, you can visit the Conda-Forge page directly for FlyteIDL at to see the available versions, download counts, and other details. --- This is an AI-generated response, take its recommendations with caution. Please help us improve the model accuracy by giving this response a thumbs up/thumbs down reaction. Sources šŸ‘ button šŸ‘Ž button