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@Glime explain main_unfinished_work_s in the propeller dashboard
metric in the Flyte Propeller dashboard likely refers to the amount of work (in seconds) that is pending or not yet completed by the FlytePropeller. While the specific metric
is not directly mentioned in the provided context, we can infer its purpose based on the general behavior of FlytePropeller and the nature of metrics used to monitor workflow execution systems. FlytePropeller is responsible for orchestrating workflow executions in Flyte. It operates by periodically checking the state of workflow executions and moving them towards their desired state (e.g., from pending to running, from running to completed). Metrics in such systems often include measures of latency, throughput, and pending work to help operators understand the system's performance and identify bottlenecks or issues. Given this context,
would logically represent the cumulative time that tasks or workflows have been in a non-final state (e.g., not completed or failed) and are still being processed or are waiting to be processed by FlytePropeller. This metric could be used to identify if there is a significant backlog of work or if workflows are taking longer than expected to reach a final state, which could indicate performance issues or the need for optimization. For more detailed information on how to interpret and act on this and other metrics, it would be beneficial to consult the Flyte documentation, specifically the sections related to monitoring and performance optimization, such as the documentation on Optimizing Performance and the FlytePropeller metrics documentation.