# ask-ai

Blake Jackson

02/08/2024, 4:02 PM
@Glime does a launch plan get marked INACTIVE after some time?


02/08/2024, 4:03 PM
No, a launch plan does not get automatically marked as inactive after some time. In Flyte, a launch plan remains active until it is explicitly deactivated or a new version of the launch plan is activated. When a new version of a launch plan is activated, the previous versions are automatically deactivated. This behavior ensures that only one version of a launch plan is active at any given time for a specific project/domain/name combination. However, it's important to note that deactivating a launch plan or activating a new version does not delete or archive the older versions; they simply become inactive but can still be accessed or reactivated if needed. To deactivate a launch plan, you can use the
flytectl update launchplan
command with the
flag. This command sets the schedule state to inactive. There's also an ongoing discussion about introducing a clearer option to disable a launch plan without necessarily archiving it, such as a