Has anyone has success using the SageMaker plugin:...
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Has anyone has success using the SageMaker plugin: https://docs.flyte.org/en/latest/flytesnacks/examples/sagemaker_training_plugin/index.html ? I'm getting this error when trying to import the plugin, but cannot find any info about the
module anywhere. Anyone have insights?
Scanning the flytekit repo, I only see the
imported, but never declared:
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❯ git grep -e 'hyperparameter_tuning_job_pb2'
plugins/flytekit-aws-sagemaker/flytekitplugins/awssagemaker/hpo.py:from flyteidl.plugins.sagemaker import hyperparameter_tuning_job_pb2 as _pb2_hpo_job
plugins/flytekit-aws-sagemaker/flytekitplugins/awssagemaker/models/hpo_job.py:from flyteidl.plugins.sagemaker import hyperparameter_tuning_job_pb2 as _pb2_hpo_job
Similarly, I searched the main flyte repo and that code is nowhere to be found.
It looks like the docs page at https://docs.flyte.org/projects/flytekit/en/latest/plugins/generated/flytekitplugins.awssagemaker.HyperparameterTuningJobConfig.html may have at one point had instructions, but the indexed version is different from the live version
We deprecated sagemaker plugin because that has some issues. we’re writing a new sagemaker plugin (agent). cc @Samhita Alla
A-ha! I saw that it was on your list of upcoming agents, hadn't realized you pulled the old plugin.
Ahh I see, thanks @Kevin Su! When do we expect the new plugin to be released?
ya the old plugin used sagemaker operator which is deprecated by amazon Sadly
so we had to deprecate it
we have a much more robust way now
> When do we expect the new plugin to be released? we've been incorporating some changes into agents, and i've been working on the sagemaker agent hand-in-hand. i'm hopeful that we can release within two to three weeks. a heads up: this is a serving agent, not for hyperparameter tuning. we can work on that as well! but if you're willing to contribute, that'd be great!
@Samhita Alla Awesome thank you! Serving agent should be a good start for now. Is there an github issue that I can reference for following this work?