Hi, We have many Flyte tasks with same, repeatati...
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Hi, We have many Flyte tasks with same, repeatative configurations like shown below.
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    cache=False if os.environ.get("ENVIRONMENT") == "test" else True,
    cache_serialize=False if os.environ.get("ENVIRONMENT") == "test" else True,
def my_awesome_task(common_input_1: str, common_input_2: str) -> str:
    # my magical task code which returns a string
We have at least 10 such tasks. While all the tasks are working fine, is there any way to avoid this repeatative / boiler plate code and pass same config to each task? Using
decoration won't help here. Any idea how we can reduce this boilerplate code? or - have I written tasks in wrong way?
You can write the config to a dict and unpack it in the decorator:
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task_config = {
    "cache": False if os.environ.get("ENVIRONMENT") == "test" else True,
     "cache_serialize": False if os.environ.get("ENVIRONMENT") == "test" else True,
     "cache_version": "1.0",
     "retries": 3,

def func(input_1: str) -> str:
That's wonderful. Thank you so much !!
Or write your own meta wrapper
Answer by @Jake Dodd helped me to reduce "some" boilerplate code but I would like to reduce some more repeatative code. @Ketan (kumare3) thanks for help. Writing a meta wrapper sounds interesting. how do I get started with writing a meta wrapper? Is there any doc you can point me to?
thats just a function right
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def my_task(... limited):
    bind_vals ...
    return functools.partial(task, bind_vals...)