Hi everyone: :purple_heart:Thanks for all your su...
# announcements
Hi everyone: 💜Thanks for all your support so far, learning from this community is a constantly-rewarding experience.💜 If you've found Flyte useful for your projects, it would mean a lot if you can share your experiences and spread the word to your peers. Through doing so, we’d like to express our gratitude by hosting a raffle with the chance to win cool prizes (image attached). These are some of the ways to participate and earn raffle tickets: • Star the Flyte repo: 5🥇 • Refer a friend to join the Slack community: 3🥇 • Write a blog/post about your experience with Flyte: 5🥇 • Assist other community members with issues: 2🥇 • And more! A winner will be announced every week, until Feb 9. ➡️ Check out how you can participate