This week in Flyte (Jan 1-5) - <@U04AX99FHNK> and...
# announcements
This week in Flyte (Jan 1-5)@Andrés Gómez Ferrer and team added a Go client that configures transport with TLS config. This helps making K8s plugins (like Ray) operations more consistent and secure. • Buildkit DNS policy for sandbox was updated to resolve in-cluster DNS entries. • New RFC discussed: Flyte Authentication within Task containers. • New RFC incubator entry: renaming Flyte assets (workflows, Tasks, LPs, etc). • New blog post: GCP reference implementation, a platform engineer's overview. UpcomingThis PR aims to allow users to specify separate storage buckets when using the
Helm chart • This PR moves Pod start/end time templateVars to a common section • 🗓️ Next week's community meeting will feature @Pryce and @Samhita Alla sharing their recent work on a HITL pipeline in the context of genome sequencing🔥. ◦ Details: is 688 stars far from 5,000. If you haven't done so, please star the repo. It doesn't cost much but means a lot to the project 🙂