# ask-the-community

Abhishek Pandit

01/03/2024, 11:58 AM
Hi Can we get a dedicated deployment guide for azure or if there is some blog or guide can someone point it to me Thanks

Ketan (kumare3)

01/03/2024, 4:22 PM
Cc @David Espejo (he/him) there are folks who have this right @Terence Kent ?

Terence Kent

01/03/2024, 4:32 PM
Yup - we are deployed on AKS and EKS clusters (separately), but our operational stories aren’t quite complete yet and we haven’t blogged about them :-). Very happy to write up a guide in a few months after we’ve sorted out our main three use cases. We’re still figuring those Flyte projects and it may change how we deploy Flyte. In the meantime, just deploying is pretty easy/cheap in Azure with PostgresFS + Azure Blob Storage. Happy to share some helm (or helmfile) configs and other parts of our config if it would you out @Abhishek Pandit