Hi, I'm exploring Flyte and I'm curious about whet...
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Hi, I'm exploring Flyte and I'm curious about whether or not it's possible to define Workflows in Flyte in Go code (considering Flyte is written in Go itself). I know you can define Go code that runs in Docker containers using the ContainerTask, and there are SDKs for Python and Scala, but is there a way to define userland workflow code in Go?
hmm, i don't think that's possible @Clemente Cuevas using container tasks seems to be the only way to achieve that. cc @Yee
there is not… what’s the use-case out of curiosity?
like, why go vs python?
The usecase here is that we have a pipeline with steps that were implemented in GoLang that would be nice to define in GoLang as well if we were to migrate to Flyte. I guess considering that there's a scala SDK I was wondering if there wasn't some way that one could use the Golang Flyte implementation to jerry-rig workflows in Go. I'm guessing there hasn't really been much inquiry around a Go SDK (I looked around in the issues and in this slack and didn't see a lot of questions around it).
i think it would be faster to figure out a way to make all golang code individual tasks, and then call them as generic container tasks in go.
I figured
can start with just using flyte copilot as the i/o mechanism (which basically just uses json i believe), and later move to native typing if that really becomes a thing. the proto code for flyteidl is already generated ofc
@Clemente Cuevas at the moment we don’t have a golang sdk, I do believe it is not that much work, but the demand for it is zero, so I he core team finds it hard to focus on. Feel free to contribute though - we are trying to write some Of the core is rust which will make it even easier potentially
The hr biggest challenge is the UX, for defining tasks. If you see Flyte copilot has already implemented some remaining parts of it