Yet another basic question from me: Is it possible...
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Yet another basic question from me: Is it possible to preserve formatting (e.g. new lines) in Description of the workflow (displayed under Basic information on the workflow page)?
this is more of a frontend question i feel. not sure. but have you tried?
what have you tried?
i assume you tried adding in an explicit \n and it didn’t work?
I tried formatting it with
characters at the beginning of each line, should
work? How is that description being parsed?
There are many ways, also including
(this I think I tried and it didn't work either) so I thought I'd ask instead of trying everything
@Jason Porter do you know if anyone’s ever gotten this to work? getting new lines to show up in project/workflow descriptions. honestly i’m thinking this isn’t possible at all given how different rendering is in browsers.
what’s the goal here though mateusz?
just formatting? or is there something else you’re trying to accomplish?
Hmm yeah I can’t remember if we’re stripping special chars; or the specifics of how we’re rendering (ie, if our classes there makes them irrelevant). But you should cut a ticket regardless and we can look into it 🙌
Just formatting. There is plenty of place for that Description and I would like to put there some short note, who is the author, what data it uses etc.