Hello! I am new to Flyte and I am wondering if the...
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Hello! I am new to Flyte and I am wondering if there is more documentation about how to use custom images in the demo remote environment? I am running into issues trying to build and run a custom container. Specifically, I would like to build a container on my local machine and then have the demo instance pull and use that container for execution.
push the image to any registry - because iiuc you are running the demo container on some remote machine and port forwarding?
or you can portforward the inbuilt registry
@Ketan (kumare3) Hey, sorry for the late reply, had some urgent stuff come up 🙂 Thank you for your help! How do I port forward the inbuilt registry? I just want to pull an image from my machine to use.
FYI I am using the demo single cluster remote deployment
I'd like to do something like:
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custom_image = ImageSpec(
    base_image="my-image:0", # my-image is something I built on my local machine
def my-func():