Hi team, we are using flyte 1.9.1 in our organizat...
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Hi team, we are using flyte 1.9.1 in our organization and we are running workflows pretty much smoothly. However we wanted to explore map_task along with python notebook to spin up notebook parallel associate with parallel task, while testing basic map_task functionality all we are getting is this below error. Other workflows are working fine this is appearing only for map_task related workflows.
Last error: UNKNOWN::Outputs not generated by task execution
this is odd and unexpected
can you use the experiemental.map_task and share whats happening
also is your map task generating outputs, can you share a snippet?
I tried the experimental.map_task. I am only seeing the first iterated element from that output.
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from typing import List

from flytekit import experimental, task, workflow

def a_mappable_task(a: int) -> str:
    inc = a + 2
    return str(inc)

def my_map_workflow(a: List[int]) -> List[str]:
    mapped_out = experimental.map_task(a_mappable_task)(a=a)
    return mapped_out

if __name__ == "__main__":
    result = my_map_workflow(a=[2,3,4,5])
this is the simple code snippet, I am using to test.
This is working in local when i run it using pyflyte run and when we register it and testing in cluster this is not working.
Did you see any error?
Yes same error
Last error: UNKNOWN::Outputs not generated by task execution
got it, could you open a issue for it. [flyte-bug]
cc @L godlike
I reported the bug yesterday, #4379. We have already combined notebook and workflow. It's a pretty basic one-to-one configuration. We followed the instructions on this page: https://docs.flyte.org/projects/cookbook/en/stable/auto_examples/papermill_plugin/simple.html. We're enabling one task for one notebook here. Similarly, we intended to activate numerous (n) notebooks in a single process, similar to a dynamic task where notebooks execute concurrently. So we assumed we'd utilise map_task to trigger that; are we on the right track? I was just wondering if there were any other options?