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Tristan Bonds

11/01/2023, 9:51 PM
Hi all! we are interesting in implementing Flyte as part of our MLOps effort at our company but running into some issues with the demo example:
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"Failed to convert outputs of task               
'flyte_example.get_data' at position 0:\n  [Errno 2] Failed to open local file '/tmp/flyte-ndl0qvst/raw/1c5c90a099435310be8d080378201c38/00000'.                       
Detail: [errno 2] No such file or directory"
Any help would be appreciated to point us in the right direction. Thanks!

Nikki Everett

11/01/2023, 9:57 PM
i ran into the same issue, but was able to run the demo on a local cluster following the steps in
(i just started at as a tech writer for flyte this week, so am going through the docs and noting where example code isn't working)

David Espejo (he/him)

11/01/2023, 10:23 PM
@Tristan Bonds so you mean running this
pyflyte run training_workflow --hyperparameters '{"C": 0.1}
led you to that error? I'm wondering what

Tristan Bonds

11/01/2023, 10:27 PM
thanks for the quick responses! yes @David Espejo (he/him) that command exactly
@Nikki Everett we also have set it up in our Kubernetes cluster but running into some issues when we are trying to run the command with the --remote arg as well
here is the code I put into the example file. There isn't a
in here

Ketan (kumare3)

11/02/2023, 3:32 AM
@Nikki Everett local cluster is not same as local execution. Local execution is where it runs in the python virtual environment. It’s most likely that you do not have write permissions or the file was deleted. Cc @Eduardo Apolinario (eapolinario) we should probably add a check to local reader that provides better errors?
I have been thinking if we can test the raw path for read write on startup
In pyflyte run

Samhita Alla

11/02/2023, 4:34 AM
I encountered this error yesterday, and it likely relates to fsspec. I suggest downgrading your fsspec to < 2023.10.0.


11/07/2023, 9:19 PM
Can confirm that by installing fsspec to 2023.9.2 the example from the docs (for local run) that I just copy and paste from the docs now works just fine:
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pip install fsspec==2023.9.2 s3fs==2023.9.2 gcsfs==2023.9.2

Ketan (kumare3)

11/08/2023, 12:10 AM
@Samhita Alla / @Eduardo Apolinario (eapolinario) should we merge the PR?