Hi community, we are trying to deploy flyte-core, ...
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Hi community, we are trying to deploy flyte-core, (for HA reasons). So far deployment seems fine, all pods are healthy, but when port forwarding to the flyteconsole I do not see the projects and see a
404 Not Found
error in the browser console (see screenshot). About the config: • using the flyte-core helmchart • ingress and auth are not yet enabled • deployed in a non standard namespace • port forwarding to the flyteadmin svc (
k port-forward svc/flyteadmin 8080:80
) and running
curl  <http://localhost:8080/api/v1/projects>
works fine and shows a newly created project (with flytectl). I checked all pod logs and they seem fine (other than the same 404 not found on the console logs). Any idea where to look for the issue? How is the console trying to get the projects? Through flyteadmin?
and the console looks like this
I think not having the ingress available is the issue, I'll try to set that up now, see if the issue persist
i think ingress is needed yeah, did you manage to set that up?
yes it is working now, thanks @Yee
hey @Bram van Meurs I am running into the same issue port forwarding to
, with the console unable to fetch data. Wondering what you did to get the port forwarding to work? Thanks!
@Derek Yu could you start a new question? might get more eyes on it
Hi everyone. I am trying to deploy flyte-core on GCP and have the same problem as @Bram van Meurs. I'm using flyte namespace without ingress (
ingress.enabled: false
). We have an Istio Gateway behind Google application loadbalancer, but at this point I'd just like to get port-forwarding to the Admin console working. I get the same
Not found
message whether I'm using port-forwarding or Istio's virtual service. Any help would be much appreciated. Logs showing nothing like with Bram.
How do your port-forward commands look like? Admin runs a http and a grpc server.
Since you use an istio gateway behind a GCP load balancer (we do the same), you might be able to use the virtual service manifest shown in step 7. here.
Thanks @Fabio Grätz. I have tried both http and grpc kubectl
port-forward svc/flyteadmin -n flyte 8080:80
kubectl port-forward svc/flyteadmin -n flyte 8081:81
Wow that's a complicated virtualservice manifest 😅 Let me try it
Works like a charm! Thanks so much @Fabio Grätz!
Awesome 🙂