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#3003 [BUG] flytekitplugins-dbt not logging std output Issue created by roek5803 Describe the bug When running a DBT task with the flytekit DBT plugin we expect it to log the std output so we can see what is happening. Looking at the code, the current implementation collects the logs from std output but will only print it in case of an error. Expected behavior We would expect the library to print the std output of the DBT commands ideally with some controlling mechanism e.g. with a verbose flag. Additional context to reproduce
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from flytekit import workflow
from flytekitplugins.dbt.task import DBTRun, DBTRunInput

dbt_task = DBTRun(name="the_name_of_the_task")

def my_wf() -> None:
    input = DBTRunInput(
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