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#2998 [Core feature] Support launchplans in pyflyte run Issue created by eapolinario Motivation: Why do you think this is important? Currently we only support launching tasks and workflows in
pyflyte run
. We should add support launchplans as well. Goal: What should the final outcome look like, ideally? We should be able to use the same experience currently offered in
pyflyte run
to kickoff launchplans, i.e. users should be able to execute:
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> pyflyte run --remote path/to/my/file.py my_launchplan
Go to <http://flyte.example.com/console/projects/flytesnacks/domains/development/executions/f6e7113930e3043e79cc> to see execution in the console.
Describe alternatives you've considered launchplans are an indispensable entity type in the Flyte programming model, hence it should be supported in the CLIs. Propose: Link/Inline OR Additional context We should add launch plans to the list of entities handled by
pyflyte run
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