Hey friends! I've been looking on how to improve ...
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Hey friends! I've been looking on how to improve our "pod warmup time" and I think today our tasks take about 30 seconds each to run because we have set the
to 30 seconds. I would like to reduce this time to as much as possible, but I would like to understand what is the impact of this in propeller (if we need more shards or bump pod resources) or if it's fine to drop that number lower.
What do you mean by pod warmup time
That was the initial thinking of why a simple task was taking 30 seconds to run instead of 5-6 seconds. That's why the "" now we understand that k8s pods are starting and running quite fast for the tasks we want, it's just the
that's taking the time.
Basically the pod overhead. Sorry words are hard 🙂
sorry i do not follow?, propeller listens to events, so should be fast
your configuration may need an update