Hi, I want to deploy Flyte Helm charts to our EKS ...
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Hi, I want to deploy Flyte Helm charts to our EKS cluster. We currently have an older version of AWS Ingress Controller than required for the Ingress. Is it possible to bypass this requirement by e.g., port-forwarding and still being able to deploy workflows to
? It is in our road map to bump the ALB Ingress Controller version, but until that is done I would still like to experiment with Flyte on EKS.
Yes, You don’t need LB for flyte deployment, Flyteadmin you can access by port-forwarding, You will face issue with flyteconsole most probably cc: @User
yes you can do portforward eg :
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kubectl port-forward flyteadmin-59bbc5b84d-w459b -n flyte 8089:8089
And then when using flytectl provide the config in your yaml with these values for endpoint and insecure
endpoint: dns:///localhost:8089
insecure: true
You can interact with flytectl for launching and monitoring those executions.
Right, that sounds good. So basically deploy the Helm chart as is, and just accept that the ingress is failing
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Thanks for the quick response! 🙂