Hi community, I am working on <https://github.com/...
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Hi community, I am working on https://github.com/flyteorg/flyte/issues/3026. What in my mind is adding a type transformer at https://github.com/troychiu/flytekit/blob/edfa76739d1064822af44e0addc924e381d3a5ad/flytekit/core/type_engine.py#L1656 and adding a corresponding type at flyteidl. If this is correct, what's the flow of testing it? 1. Compile the proto and convert it as a python package. 2. Use the new generated package to test flytekit. Is it correct?
cc @Kevin Su
Hi. Welcome. you don’t really need to create a new type in IDL. you could just translate date to Datetime in idl • to_literal: python date -> literal.duration • to_python: literal.duration -> python date