Has anyone successfully deployed flyte on GCP? I g...
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Has anyone successfully deployed flyte on GCP? I got the http portion up and running but no luck with grpc even with Nginx ingress controller. If you have successfully deployed flyte to GCP GKE and welling to share how you got Grpc service to work please share!
Only way for me to interact with grpc is via port forwarding which is not good for any practical use or CI. Been at if for more than a week now.
a lot of folks use it on gcp including spotify, gojek, methanesat, sharechat, freenome and many others
Ingress is not able to connect to backend service no matter what I do! I wonder how they got it to work.
nginx has special config
its grpc, grpc on ingress is different from http
does your ui work?
Ya ui works! I tried nginx as well but same issue
Connection gets rejected from backend service
we (Freenome) currently port forward for everything except Flyte Console, but I think @Fabio Grätz was saying he got ingress working while doing the IAP integration. I think he's on vacation currently but he might have insights.
ya also a bunch of other companies
@Ketan (kumare3) would be nice if anyone who successfully used ingress with grpc share how they accomplished it.
@Haytham Amin can you share the annotations you're using for the ingress resource?
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"<http://ingress.gcp.kubernetes.io/pre-shared-cert|ingress.gcp.kubernetes.io/pre-shared-cert>" : google_compute_region_ssl_certificate.flyte.name
"<http://kubernetes.io/ingress.class|kubernetes.io/ingress.class>" : "gce-internal"
"<http://kubernetes.io/ingress.regional-static-ip-name|kubernetes.io/ingress.regional-static-ip-name>" : "flyte-grpc"
"<http://ingress.gcp.kubernetes.io/backend-protocol|ingress.gcp.kubernetes.io/backend-protocol>" : "grpc"
"<http://cloud.google.com/app-protocols|cloud.google.com/app-protocols>" : "{\"grpc\":\"HTTP2\"}"