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Gastón Ceccotti

08/07/2023, 4:45 PM
Hi everyone! It's me again. So, I managed to solve the issues I was having when trying to make Flyte detect the MPI plugin. Right now I've managed to make a workflow start executing but it never finishes. The info showed on the Flytepropeller console shows the following error:
E0807 16:38:21.462968       1 workers.go:102] error syncing 'flytesnacks-development/fa6f1f44573a6451e9cb': failed at Node[n0]. RuntimeExecutionError: failed during plugin execution, caused by: failed to execute handle for plugin [mpi]: found no current condition. Conditions: []
. If anybody knows what's that error is really telling me and what would be a nice idea to solve it I would really appreciate! 😄

Kevin Su

08/07/2023, 5:15 PM
which version of MPI operator are you using

Gastón Ceccotti

08/07/2023, 6:18 PM
Yeap, im using that MPI operator
I already tried with versions 1.4.0, 1.5.0 y 1.6.0
Now I was going to try the 1.3.0 version, I read somewhere that that error msg might be due to some modifications from one version to another, but im not sure if that's the way to go 😅
Just in case, I believe it's worth mentioning that I initially tried with the mpi-operator instead of the training-operator, but since I couldn't make it work (the workflow always stayed in
status) I started googling and read somewhere that I should use the training-operator instead

Samhita Alla

08/08/2023, 5:25 AM
Yes, you need to use the training operator. I tried it out recently and it worked for me. Please follow the instructions outlined in this guide:

Gastón Ceccotti

08/08/2023, 3:18 PM
I hope you don't mind but if it's okay with you, we can continue on this thread, im getting a bit dizzy jumping from one channel to another haha, perhaps it wasn't my brightest idea to ask the same thing on two different places 😅 Btw, I've been following the instructions on that guide with no luck