Hi, community Currently I am working on flyteadmin...
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Hi, community Currently I am working on flyteadmin to develop a core feature. Which is for sandbox env can send email without cloud services. I just want to clarify that is it correct to use the http server as my buffer in pubsub module from go ? Here is the appendix https://github.com/nytimes/gizmo/tree/f2b3deec03175b11cdfb6642245a49722751357f/pubsub If possible, please give me some hint and clarify more details with me so we can both save lots of time !
pingsutw will reach out…
couple questions though - what will you use to send emails?
and how will you do the pubsub part internally
Sure, no problem
I will use sendgrid or gmail
pubsub part can use http port as buffer I have experience with apache kafka, so I think that will be easy for me
Here is a http buffer example for pubsub module
@Yee Feel free to check it !
We now decide to use go chan as message queue, I will currently use sendgrid to send email
oh okay nice. there’s already configuration for sendgrid in admin btw: https://github.com/search?q=repo%3Aflyteorg%2Fflyteadmin%20sendgrid&type=code
Thank you very much