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# announcements
šŸ“£ Monthly Contributors Spotlight šŸ“£ Hello, Flyte community! šŸ‘‹ We want to take a moment to sincerely thank three amazing individuals who have made an immense impact on our community through their active engagement and valuable contributions. ā€¢ @Arthur Book has been diligently working on enhancing flytekit with support for Pydantic basemodels. ā€¢ @Mike Ossareh has been actively engaged on Slack, generously providing answers and assistance to fellow community members. ā€¢ @Pryce has been sharing his knowledge and creations with the community. He has authored insightful articles like "Processing Files with Dynamic Container Tasks in Flyte" and provided a helpful code snippet for pushing a Docker image locally to the sandbox. Thank you all for your outstanding contributions, which have made our community stronger!