:earth_americas: Hola Flyte community! During nex...
# announcements
🌎 Hola Flyte community! During next week's community meeting, you'll learn about: • 🗞️ News from the ecosystem • 🚀 Details on Flyte 1.7 release • ⚙️ Fine-tuning LLMs with declarative ML orchestration by @Niels Bantilan🚗 How Recogni uses Flyte by @Fabio Grätz You can 1. Add it to your calendar (Zoom link is also there) ➡️ https://www.addevent.com/event/EA7823958 2. Add a question/discussion topic: https://hackmd.io/y97JldOBSBCdPpI_36XpdQ#June-27-2023 You're all welcome to join. See you there!