Hi Friends, I have another question. I'm trying to...
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Hi Friends, I have another question. I'm trying to figure out a development process for iterating on the code for a workflow that depends on both k8s secrets and a custom docker image. What I've found is that if I run
pyflyte run --remote ... path/to/code.py workflow
then make changes to
including the
method or any of its dependencies those changes don't take effect if I
pyflyte run
the same workflow again. I think a) I don't fully understand the execution model and b) I need some pointers from the community 🙂 on how to iterate on developing workflows. Thanks!
pyflyte run will upload you code to s3. when task is running in the pod, flytekit download the code first before running the task. if you change python dependency (package), you need to build a image for your workflow. you could refer this doc to build a image without writing dockerfile