Hi, I spoke with the lead solution architect for D...
# flyte-deployment
Hi, I spoke with the lead solution architect for Data on EKS at KubeCon EU today (https://awslabs.github.io/data-on-eks/docs/intro) regarding including Flyte in the AI/ML on EKS. Data on Amazon EKS(DoEKS) - A tool for building aws managed and self-managed scalable data platforms on Amazon EKS. Right now an integration for Airflow and Kubeflow exists on EKS. Since previous deployment for Flyte included steps such as setting up RDBMS, S3 and EKS, it might be worth trying out creating an integration for Flyte on Data on EKS. If the Flyte team is interested, can start a thread with the folks from Data on EKS. @David Espejo (he/him) @Ketan (kumare3) @Kevin Su
thank you for sharing. That would be a good idea. but we are a little slammed right now
anyone else willing to help? or they can do some of the work?
Thanks for sharing @Shivay Lamba! Let's start a thread in #integrations and see how it goes
Sure , Ketan they mentioned to first create an issue in the data on eks