if not, I'm trying to run this guide: <https://doc...
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if not, I'm trying to run this guide: https://docs.flyte.org/en/latest/getting_started/deploy.html I am on:
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flytectl sandbox start --source .
And got to this screen below but it just hangs. I was on my VPN when I first tried it but went for another go after turning it off, in case it was an issue:
I do see this section though so I can try this to see what I did wrong in case I missed something: https://docs.flyte.org/en/latest/community/troubleshoot.html#troubleshoot
My understanding of Flyte is limited, but I assumed that the source would be
which i have in my project so why would this message come up regarding that it could not find a config file?
It's looking for a different config file. It's not an error though.. expected to be empty the first time.. What happens if you answer yes to the delete existing cluster question?
So this most recent time of trying again I: 1. Said
to deleting brand new flyte cluster 2. Next message came up saying I needed to export two variables: a. Add KUBECONFIG and FLYTECTL_CONFIG to your environment variable 3. I re-ran the
flytectl sandbox start --source .
command, said
to deleting brand new flyte cluster and was able to get my docker container running
I think the y/n is misleading. Cc @Yuvraj does it every work when you say no
Yes, No is only useful if container already running. It will not perform restart.