Hi all, how can I tell if a map_task is successful...
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Hi all, how can I tell if a map_task is successfully cached? As far as I can tell this bugfix should now allow for caching, but the UI doesn’t give an indication that it was saved.
Hi @Nicholas LoFaso, @Jason Porter @Dan Rammer (hamersaw) might be able to help. I bet the first question they will ask is what version of the console are you using.
Hey @Nicholas LoFaso, apologies for the delay. You're right. The only indication you'll see in the UI is in the side panel of the task. You'll see log links for the subtasks that are not cached... There is new improvements Dan is working on to populate more information about map task subtasks that will enable the UI to visualize more granular status.... Mind sharing link to the issue, Dan?
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The issue can be found here.