<@U04H6UUE78B> showed a really insightful diagram ...
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@David Espejo (he/him) showed a really insightful diagram in one of the recent meetings. Recording on Youtube at


. Is that diagram available someplace? The data plane is not visible in the recording and that architecture diagram is super useful to new users.
Hey @David Muraco thank for noticing :) I need to fix some details and will post it soon on an Issue and will let you know!
Hi @David Muraco This is the updated and revised diagram. Hopefully will be part of the docs soon https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U4UnjzEV4LzqI_e2SOLJb8wzuzt4DxUE/view?usp=sharing Your comments are appreciated
Thank you David. The only thing that wasn't clear to me is the DataCatalog. In my mind, a data catalog is something like Atlan, Alation, Collibra, Databricks Unity, etc. Or linux foundation's https://www.amundsen.io/amundsen/. Basically a tool for data governance. So i was thinking about that specific item with an incorrect frame of reference. Once I read the docs and understood what the datacatalog does in Flyte, it all makes sense to me. It would be fun to tie in Amundsen, i wonder if there is pre-existing work in that space given both tools spun out of Lyft.
@David Muraco the architecture diagram landed in the docs. https://docs.flyte.org/en/latest/concepts/architecture.html A blog post will follow expanding details