is there ci/cd workflows in flyte, if not did you ...
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is there ci/cd workflows in flyte, if not did you implement workflows for ci/cd
You can use the following Flyte GitHub actions to set up your CI/CD: •
but how does this work for CI/CD I do not get idea, could you please explain how set-action is used for CI/CD
do I still need a CI/CD system? I would like to use flyte to implement CI/CD system: trigger actions when git main branch is changed, build & test, deploy, ...
basically, I need to implement workflows for CI/CD but I would like to know if flyte has already defined workflows for CI/CD
in other words can we implement something like jenkins in flyte, and if there exists projects in this direction
CI/CD tends to require low level access, for example for building docker containers and such. As flight itself runs tasks within (Python) containers on top of Kubernetes you will struggle to achieve some of the typical tasks. Personally I would realize CI/CD outside of Flyte (GitHub Actions or elsewhere) and use Flyte for ML / Data Workflows.
but everything run inside a docker container and we certainly can build docker images with any needed tools/packages to run basically anything (i.e. build docker, git clone repos, ...)
@Taoufik Dachraoui you absolutely can, we just don’t concentrate on that usecase. But you can look at shell task, raw containers and or buildx for build kit