I’m getting this error while creating a launch pla...
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I’m getting this error while creating a launch plan:
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raise AssertionError("The cached values aren't the same as the current call arguments")
There isn’t much context to why it happened, what should I look for to debug it? The workflow has a datetime parameter to it, which was renamed between versions, but I don’t think it should stop it from deploying
@Andrew Korzhuev, can you use a different launch plan name? Using the same launch plan name will try to fetch the previously registered launch plan, but since the workflow has been modified, it results in an error. Keep in mind that a launch plan is immutable.
That was the issue, thank you. The error message was not helpful in debugging this. Maybe it should have at least printed the cached and posted launch plans, so it would be obvious where it is coming from. Might be even harder to debug in a bigger project.
Yeah, the error message needs to be modified.