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📣 Contributors of the Month We would like to express our gratitude and extend a special thanks to @Bernhard Stadlbauer, @Nick Müller (MorpheusXAUT) and @Fabio Grätz for their invaluable contributions to Flyte. Here's what @Dan Rammer (hamersaw) has to say about Bernhard and Nick, in his own words: Want to nominate Bernhard from Pachama and Nick from Blackshark for our next contributors of the month. Bernhard wrote a Dask plugin which involved submitting PRs to the k8s Dask operator to add a task status at the top-level of the CRD in addition to engineering everything end to end in Flyte (propeller, plugins, idl, flytekit, etc). Also, this is Bernhard's first work in Go - so he was learning the language as he went. Nick has had ongoing work into cache overwriting and cache deleting. I believe it was our first community RFC. Cache overwriting allows users to start a workflow execution where each task overwrites the existing cached values, and the cache delete work will allow users to delete all of the cached values for tasks within a workflow execution. This has involved multiple iterations over many PRs in all of our repos. Nick has been a real pleasure to collaborate with on these. In addition, our deepest gratitude to both of them for helping the community on Slack! Fabio wrote an excellent article on how to attach a visual debugger to ML training jobs on Kubernetes, which can be immensely helpful in debugging. Please give it a try! Once again, thank you Bernhard, Nick, Fabio, and the entire Flyte community for your continued support and contributions.
@Fabio Grätz and @Bernhard Stadlbauer you folks are rockstars
Thank you 🙇