Hi all, Has anyone faced issues with `datacatalog...
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Hi all, Has anyone faced issues with
when task caching is enabled? I'm seeing
Failed to retrieve artifact for get artifact request dataset
because of this error
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err: missing entity of type Tag with identifier
using datacatalog version: cr.flyte.org/flyteorg/datacatalog-release:v1.3.0 Any insights into what the missing tag could mean would be great. Thanks! 🙏
Hey Derek! Can you elaborate a little here? What is the workflow you're running? Is this an issue with a single execution or subsequent executions once the task has already been cached? Does this result in task failure or just an recomputed rather than reading a cached value?
Hey Dan! Yes its with all subsequent executions I believe. When caching is disabled the error doesn't appear. The task is stuck in "initializing" state indefinitely. And the type of task is a Dask task (scales up a DaskCluster using the new
OK, this shouldn't be unique to dask tasks because caching is handled at the task execution level rather than the plugin level. Does this occur with other types of tasks as well? How about other executions of the same task, or is this just a one-time thing?
yeah it was occurring for tasks calling map() as well. It was repeatedly failing with other executions as well of the same task. Good new is we did upgrade datacatalog to a newer version
and it fixed the issue!
thanks for your help @Dan Rammer (hamersaw) 🙂