Hi everyone! As a first step to define the expect...
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Hi everyone! As a first step to define the expectations, processes and roles within the Flyte community and the different ways in which you all can improve the project, here's a first version of a Governance document: https://github.com/flyteorg/community/blob/main/GOVERNANCE.md 1. It's open to debate/discussion 2. It's intended to create order and structure without much bureaucracy 3. It doesn't include: a. Subteams (Working Groups) as it's not clear how to handle them with an eventual monorepo structure b. Steering Committee election process. Right now, SC membership would be invite only. An eventual election process is beneficial but brings a significant overhead Also, I think there's a need to have a synchronous channel with you and the rest of the contributor community. I can set up a doodle survey to agree on times but wondering if it should be weekly/ bi-weekly/ monthly. Your comments are welcome!